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Fundamental flaws with Android which ICS doesn't address still.. I_vote_lcap14%Fundamental flaws with Android which ICS doesn't address still.. I_vote_rcap 14% [ 2 ]
Fundamental flaws with Android which ICS doesn't address still.. I_vote_lcap86%Fundamental flaws with Android which ICS doesn't address still.. I_vote_rcap 86% [ 12 ]

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    Fundamental flaws with Android which ICS doesn't address still..

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    CEO, Founder, KTZ

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    Fundamental flaws with Android which ICS doesn't address still.. Empty Fundamental flaws with Android which ICS doesn't address still..

    Post by tipstir on Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:52 am

    To view this in a more realistically you have to think how things are in the current code stage. AOSP Android Open Source Project is a plain vanilla base code. They have a few additional tweaks for such as overclocking and if you really want to dive into that sort which I do here. In ICS Google Browser and software runs faster and the user interface is more responsive overall. Prior Android OS was a major complaint but that could be fix if they go off their duff and program the OS to be speedy instead of just leaving it as-is state since OS 1.6 days.

    Prior Honeycomb 3.2.1 has its issue just like all the versions before it 3.1 had stability issues where fixed in 3.2.1 well sort of with tablets.

    API applications programming interfaces are now supported in a unification code with prime benefits between smart phone and tablets. The long term as Gingerbread and Honeycomb devices get updated then discarded as new devices will eventfully replace them along with the existing apps on Market gets ported to the newer API from older ones.

    The biggest concern from all of this is fragmentation compatibility of software update issues are supposedly going to vanish in thin air. Fat chance!

    ICS is far more configurable customization than any other OS around. ICS still uses HC launcher base of course you can use third-party ones and hope they don't cause FC force close.

    Still bugs loom over ICS and bug-fixes are ongoing at best. Along with software is actually less stable than HC was. Lots of app usually have long startup times and render slowly or freeze up on the screen in 3D an no better in 2D in GPU graphic processor unit. Where most are SoC system on chip uses the CPU to render graphics along with software to do it those will be a very slow compare to those have CPU and GPU which hardware is faster than software method.

    One of the famous bugs you always see in Android OS from start to now is... THIS APP IS NOT RESPONDING a dialog box pops up and won't go away until unless you press wait or force close the app. You might get lucky and you need to shut down the OS and restart to get a stable working system once again.

    Sure there are issues the but the major ones are app compatibility and performance are rank higher than a Force Close issue though who wants to get Force Close during a app launch or running in the middle of app or game.

    ICS has a new task manager or real task killer so multitasking should be better but it's not at all if the Android app developer doesn't even add this feature to his or her app. Thus without it you'll have all sorts of issues to deal with daily.

    Then there is the memory side of all of this you all know what I mean. Wasted memory also know as unused memory. Android releases system resources on it's own also caches processes to run apps so the start faster an etc..

    So now if the the memory isn't present when app is asking for it along with the task killer is able to run in automatic mode or not. Then it's unable to stop the current process and guess what you in trouble. So the system is running out of control at times.

    Graphic intensive program based on Java bytecode (aka Dalvik) this is how the app that seem to run slowly or have long startup times that can freeze up in ICS more than prior versions of the Android OS. The worst of the worst apps out there is Netflix main movie browsing user interface also know as UI! Then comes the Pulse newsreader, Weatherbug HD and you guess it facebook and I would like to add Google Currents to the list.

    Since Google doesn't blacklist apps on Google Android Market you'll never know which app is more problematic than others unless the app user reports it so.Older app based on old API code are even more difficult to use with out this so called blacklist system. Rating system is a joke to me you can never really think the app is good or back until you download it. I have seen some apps that are bogus and now have malware attached. Best to use Dr. Web Lite to catch though before they start messing up your problematic apps or even take over ICS.

    Since market doesn't classify apps by the level of API it uses so you can't selectively choose the most updated of such apps even by filtering out the older versions. Most apps out there doesn't even support HC or higher Gingerbread version either. So how the heck is ICS going to support them too. This is why so many stick with Gingerbread 2.3.3 then trying to use 2.3.4, 2.3.5, 2.3.7 just to learn that the app they want can't work with that OS.

    Amazon Appstore and Android Market still have apps that support API under 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3. Again 2.3 is on this list and you see why it's better to use 2.3 than 3.0 or 4.0. But everyone wants ICS and then when they get it they go WHAT! NOW WHAT!

    Then there is NDK Native Development Kit which are coded in C++ fare better for apps, games since the basic architecture of the NDK hasn't really changed since HC so effectively run very well. Optimized for HC and ICS Dalvik (Java) apps run better than they did prior, but not as fast as native C++.

    So now for the CPU single core, dual core or quad core. Which one will take the lean for ICS most likely it will be quad core. But again most of the current API apps are not coded for quad code and where coded for single core. Dual core and Quad core won't get their full usage on single core apps but if apps were designed to use dual or quad core then they would. So should you shell out hundreds more for dual or quad core. Well that's up to you if you wan to run ICS at optimal performance the quad core tablet will be it.

    Gingerbread runs fine on single core with just 256MB of RAM although with all the memory leaks that 256MB can drop as low as 30MB free with the default OS in it's default slow state. Those that opt for Live Wallpaper and fancy boot animation can really seen the available RAM decrease even more. Then if that happens they your apps can't run right and then you end up with a very sluggish tablet.

    The ambitious tablet apps running in native C++, Objective C apps whose primary application engine is Dalvik can exceed our expectations for overall Android experience with more CPU and more RAM.

    Extra hardware high-res HD camera two of them, HDMI 1920 x 1080p ports and expansion memory slots which are in high demand. Don't buy any tablet cheap or expensive without these features. Although how many of use really connect out tablets to HDMI ports to HDTV is another poll question?

    So ICS is better than HC and that answer is yes! But with all the problems of both you might think twice about jumping on ICS and sticking with HC. But now we all know that ICS will be pushed over by JB Q2 or Q3 more like Q4 at this rate. ICS won't have a bunch of apps available for it under the two app download sites but it sure might one day. HC doesn't have 100% yet. App like SirusXM won't run on HC nor ICS but will run on GB 2.3.4 though.

    Network Locations Geo Locations these are are one of the two that won't work with out GPS and don't think having a GPS hardware might still not even find you correctly on the Google Map too. I've seen this happen. If google map on your PC can't find you why do you think it will be different on your Android device. Come on now wake already!


    Fundamental flaws with Android which ICS doesn't address still.. United10

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